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    Animals available to hire for TV, film, photography and all other media purposes

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Animal Hire Animal Agency provides professionally trained animal actors and models for TV, commercials, films, photoshoots, live events and all modern media.

We have been training animals for the industry since 1998, when approached to use Rug, a Komondor (dog) to appear in the Pedigree Chum, Crufts commercial. Rug also featured in the 102 Dalmatians film.  He ran in the Inter Regional Obedience Competition as well as the dog agility at The Horse Show, Olympia.

We thoroughly enjoy the variety and challenges this industry has to offer. The best results come from when the animal is comfortable and confident in its task and we always ensure they are safe. Our animals are treated with respect and compassion at all times and are given loving and appropriate species-specific care, ensuring they remain in peak condition which can be certificated by any veterinary surgeon.

The animals are thoroughly assessed for suitability before they are put forward for any potential assignment.

We are more than happy to undertake risk assessments.

Click the picture above to view Kiyo the dog and Twinkle

working together with Steve Backshall and Paul Manktelow

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