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Head Trainer and Handler

Lorraine Gardner

From the early introduction to family pets

I have been involved with animals all my life and as a child grew up with a German Shepherd Dog.  As I got older, my family rescued another German Shepherd, who was a bit of a handful!  I joined a local dog training group with him but was told to leave the same day after he bit one of the instructors so I continued to socialise and train him myself.  I was absolutely delighted when I was awarded the ‘Judges Special in Obedience’ at a fun dog show.

I have since owned various animals including dogs, cats, most rodents, fish, many reptiles and birds - including a rhea.  My most recent additions were two orphan field mice that I successfully reared by hand.

Working with animals was the natural progression

Having worked for Olive Tate (a renowned media animal trainer) in the past, I was pleased to meet up with her again while dog handling on the 102 Dalmatians film. Olive offered me more work and, as I was by now an experienced dog groomer, I worked with Lucky the fabulous ‘More Than’ dog and the Border Terriers in the Walls sausages adverts for her.

My working life has given me many great experiences, including veterinary nursing, stable hand, pet shop manager, fun dog agility instructor and technical instructor in animal management.  I have also worked as a volunteer for Riding for the Disabled and with a local primary school, so working with children and animals is no problem.

Some of my animals’ achievements

I am extremely proud of my dogs, past and present, some having been selected to represent the Southern team for the Inter Regional Obedience Competition which is held at Crufts, five times with three different dogs namely Rug in 1997, Luthi in 2011 and 2014 as well as Kiyo in 2012 and 2013.

One of my present mongrels, Luthi, can be seen on You Tube under ‘Football manager loses it', Ritalin - a Dancing Pigeons music video and in the trailer for a short film, titled Fare.  Luthi also appeared in an episode of Bonekickers (a BBC drama).  As well as the dogs, I have owned and trained guinea pigs - some of them starred in the Egg credit card and PC World commercials. Two of the guinea pigs were listed in the Guinness Book of Records, Flash is still the fastest sprinter and Diesel was the longest jump holder for a while.  Kiyo had a great time filming for his part in Woolrich as well as Kiyo and his friend Poppy for the McDonalds mocha coffee commercials.  

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