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Buddy Wright

2 Apr 2014.  Training classes with Lorraine are fun and enjoyable for me and my German Shepherd Dog called Buddy.  Lorraine really understands dogs and has a special gift that enables her to train any breed at any age.

If at any stage you have a problem with your dog, you can go to Lorraine and she will have the answers and techniques to show you what to do.  You truly see the benefits of dog training with Lorraine as they are small classes so it's like a one to one.  It's just excellent and I certainly recommend Lorraine, she's fab.

Kobi Sinclair

23 Feb 2013.  Kobi made his acting debut in 2016 along with his classmate and experienced acting dog, Sox.  Animal Hire is so proud of both on their excellent performance.

As a family, we always wanted a dog and, although I had never heard of the breed, my husband was really keen to adopt an Akita.  I completed the adoption form and got a call back explaining about Akitas.  We were invited to come and look at five puppies.  They were like lion cubs and I fell in love!  We took a boy home but, three weeks later, the trouble began - biting, growling and signs of serious aggression.  By five months of age, he was a nightmare my eight year old daughter was terrified of him. We were too and, as first time dog owners, we now had an uncontrollable large puppy and not a clue what to do!

Luckily for us, we met a wonderful lady who trains dogs. We met her with our Kobi and, yes, all the signs of aggression were confirmed. We had two choices, send him back or really listen to Lorraine and put some firm training and discipline in.  We found it so hard as he was a tough breed to tackle but, within a really short time, Lorraine had him in control.

Kobi is now 15 months old and a completely different dog. He’s like a big cuddly bear and our daughter’s best friend!  He's great with other dogs too!  Everybody stops me when I walk him and says how well behaved he is.   We did have to try to put as much time into training as we could but I can honestly say without Lorraine he would have been sent to the pound and probably put to sleep - what an achievement!

If you are looking for a trainer, I would strongly recommend Lorraine, she loves animals and her methods of training are beyond belief.  I must say her training is fun too and she never makes you feel stupid!

We now have a really well trained Akita who's going to be around 12 stone fully grown and seriously strong, had we not known Lorraine we most definitely would not have had a chance, she has saved Kobi and us and you even get a cup of lovely tea!

Note from Lorraine Gardner – Dog Trainer

Kobi’s family are amazing to work with.  At just five months of age and already the size of a Labrador, Kobi was certainly out of control!  Although I could offer advice and support, it is due to the family’s hard work and determination to help their companion that has led to Kobi becoming the loving family member that he is today.

Rug Gardner

2 Apr 1998  

Thank you for all your help and patience with us whilst shooting Crufts for Pedigree Chum – it was lovely working with you.

Natalie Rich, TV Producer

18 Feb 1998

We appreciate your patience during the filming process. He (Rug) is one of the most remarkable dogs I have ever had the pleasure to meet – so please give him a big hug from me.

Christy Brown
European Breeder Manager

4 Apr 1997

I congratulate you for the way you are handling your dog. I know that too many people ruin a good Komondor by not handling the dog properly. As a result our dogs get a very bad reputation. They never do well unless they are treated with respect. A dog that has received as many honours as yours clearly has a good owner. He is lucky!

Joy Levy

Joy Levy is an encyclopaedia of knowledge on the Komondor. For her lifetime of effort on behalf of the breed, the Hungarian Kennel Club presented her an Honorary Master Breeder Award (Joy Levy Info via - The Show Dog Super Site)